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We know that shopping for Maileg can sometimes be a little confusing. With that in mind, we have put together this handy guide regarding the mice and bunnies sizes, comparisons, and some FAQs. 

We always try our best to make your shopping experience with us as enjoyable as possible, so we decided to sort the different Maileg items into eight categories:

Maileg Mice come in four different sizes:

1. Mums and Dads/ Grandparents (includes King, Queen, Nurse, Chef)
2. Big Sisters and Brothers (includes Hikers Mice, Dancing Mice, Pea Princess, Tooth Fairy, Angel, Prince, Princess)
3. Little Sisters and Brothers (includes Superhero In A Suitcase, Dancing Mouse In A Day Bed, Dancer in Matchbox)
4. Baby Sister and Brother (includes Twins, Triplets, Baby Mouse In A Carrycot, Sleepy Wakey Mouse Boy & Girl)

Mice Sizing
Maileg bunnies and rabbits also come in different sizes. In Maileg terms, generally a bunny is a girl and a rabbit is a boy, except in the case of MY Rabbits: there is a MY rabbit boy and a MY rabbit girl. Bunnies have their ears down, while the rabbits have their ears up. The ears account for some extra length in the rabbits. Due to Maileg’s handmade nature, measurements are approximate. Measurements are taken from the tips of their ears to their toes.

Here is a guide to the relative sizes of Maileg Rabbits and Bunnies.

Rabbits Sizing
Here are the comparison of Maileg Mice and Small Bunnies and Rabbits for your reference. 

Mice Bunny Sizing


“I’m confused about the mice. Are they all the same but in different clothes?”

Each mouse is unique. Even each mouse in the same collection/range is individual due to its handmade nature; no two are exactly the same! Each mouse has a different body/base. Some are plain, while others have a bodysuit, or undergarments, unique to their design. Their ear colour may also vary. The beauty of the Maileg mice is that within the same size mouse (for example the Little Sister), you can swap accessories and clothings to reflect your creativity.


“I absolutely love the quality and variety of Maileg. But how do I know which furniture fits my dollhouse?”

Setting up a small world scene or ‘dollhouse’ for your child is such a pleasant experience. And watching the many hours of play, listening to their imaginative stories and seeing the pure enjoyment on their faces brings such joy. The Maileg Dollhouse, along with its Bonus Room and Bathroom are the perfect fit for your Maileg mice, rabbits, bunnies and the furniture.

The added benefit of using the Maileg house is that you can rest assured that the furnitures and accessories will fit perfectly. However, if you’re looking to add mice, bunnies or rabbits to an existing dollhouse (or different brand house), you will need to consider the scale. Dollhouses come in a range of sizes/scales. 1:12 is a common scale and is generally the most widely available choice for young children. This sized dollhouse will generally feature doorways that are between 15-19cm tall and is ideal for the Maileg mouse family along with the My Rabbit, Micro Rabbit and Micro Bunny. Dollhouses that are scaled to 1:6 fit the Micro and Size One Rabbits and Bunnies well. Maileg furniture varies between 1:12 and 1:6 scale; their furniture sizing is unique to the brand and differs between each piece. This means that with a different house, some pieces of furniture would look quite large, particularly in scale to the ceiling height.

“How to clean my Maileg mice, bunnies and rabbits?”

Maileg recommend hand-washing your beloved mice and bunnies at 30 degrees, with mild soap or machine washing (in a garment bag is a good idea) on a gentle cycle with cold water then air drying. They suggest that once your Maileg friend dries, you should give it a nice massage to get its body back to its original shape and form. We’ve found a fabulous, and fun filled way, to give your Maileg mice, bunnies and rabbits a clean is to encourage your little one to take them in the bath as required.

“I want to start a Maileg collection, but where do I begin? I feel overwhelmed!”

This is by far the MOST asked question from most of you since we started selling Maileg! The decision to begin a Maileg collection brings with it an opportunity to immerse yourself into a charming, imaginary world of play. We find a good place to start is by selecting either mice or bunnies and rabbits and introducing these characters to your little ones. You could begin by choosing a couple of characters that you love the look of, seeing how they fit within your existing toys and your child’s play. Or, you might like to begin by recreating the members of your immediate family (mom, dad, how many kids do you have in the house, and grandparents). Later you could add some additional clothing in the same size as your mice, bunnies or rabbits’ or introduce some furniture and a house. For smaller kids (under 2 years old), we recommend the bigger sized mice and bunnies.

Wherever you begin, one thing is certain, once you hold the first piece of Maileg in your hands, you will see the value and be entranced by the magical charm of a new world full of imagination and possibility. And you would want MORE! 

If you would like any more information or advice about Maileg products, please drop us a DM/ send us a Whatsapp message and our team will be able to guide you every step of the way. We are Maileg enthusiasts so we would be very happy to help! 

We hope this guide helps to answer most of your questions. Let your Maileg journey begin!

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