Banwood First Go Push Bike - Cream

IDR 3,250,000.00
Banwood First Go Push Bike - Cream 8 8

Say hello to FIRST GO! A safe and durable toddler push bike, designed with a child-friendly frame, a height-adjustable soft saddle, and handlebar for maximum comfort and vintage bike look, for the mini-me cyclist.

Balance bikes are the ideal first bicycle and the best way to introduce your little one to cycling as it naturally supports their development by promoting mobility and steering to ease the transition to a pedal bike. A great way to let the small one join you on the ride to the park.

Steel frame with a cream finish.

Minimal seat height 37 cm.

Maximum seat height 44 cm.

Adjustable handlebar

Ergonomic and comfortable seat.

Handlebar Height: adjustable from 50 to 59 cm.

Wicker basket.


12" wheels.

Suggested age from 2.5 years (*) - 5 Years.