Beck Cascade Tower Rainbow with Cars and Millipede

IDR 1,350,000.00
Beck Cascade Tower Rainbow with Cars and Millipede 3 3

The Beck Cascade Tower in Rainbow with Cars is a real classic piece among quality wooden toys and retains its charm with children of all ages.

Both the young and old watch in awe as the brightly colored cars travel independently down the steps with a bump and a flip and a resounding clack after each “cascade".

A great activity to practice fine motor skills with the placement of the small cars onto its starting point and an excellent example of cause and effect. 

The Beck Cascade Tower was awarded the prestigious “Spiel Gut” seal by the Children's Games and Toys Working Committee for its high educational value for very young children.

Includes 2 brightly colored cars and a millipede. Please note colors will vary.

Dimensions: 360mm in height

Material: Beech and Birch Plywood

Recommended Age: 2+