Billes and Co Matriochka Katerina Marbles

IDR 585,000.00
Billes and Co Matriochka Katerina Marbles 3 3

All in shades of pink, the Matriochka Katerina box offers an exclusive assortment of 61 varied marbles, selected with care and arranged by hand in a beautiful box decorated with multicolored paper.

16 mm and 14 mm marbles, caps, pebbles, marbles lovers and beautiful things will find in this box with 1000 treasures and 1 shades of pink. 

Box of 61 Matriochka Katerina marbles containing 6 varieties of marbles, 4 varieties of caps, and 2 varieties of special marbles:

30 balls of 16 mm

7 balls of 14 mm

20 pebbles

4 caps of 22/25 mm

Weight: 500 g

Dimensions 10 × 18 × 3.5 cm

Made in France