Djeco Worry Dolls DIY - Sweet Night

IDR 295,000.00
Djeco Worry Dolls DIY - Sweet Night 3 3

This Djeco DIY kit lets children make five of their own worry dolls.

After dressing the dolls by wrapping them in yarn and tulle, kids can tell them their worries, pop them in the pouch and under their pillow.

Inspired by a Guatemalan tradition, worry dolls chase away children's worries, making for an easier night's sleep.

By 'listening' to any anxieties, the dolls can act as a lovely comfort to kids.

Contents: five wooden dolls, three skeins of acrylic yarn, four skeins of tulle, storage pouch, wooden tool and full instructions.

Suitable for age 6+.

Box size: 20 x 20 x 3.5cm