Erzi Assorted Candies Small

IDR 200,000.00
Erzi Assorted Candies Small 5 5

Rewarding yourself with a delicious treat during a fun play session without having to ask the parents is the dream of every child. The Erzi Assorted Candies small set contains a selection of ice creams and sweets perfect for a snack in between or a yummy dessert after finishing your lunch or dinner. Sharing is optional!

The Erzi Assorted Candies small contains 6 wooden pieces:

1 small crate, 1 pink mini milk ice cream, 1 raspberry-flavoured Cornetto ice cream, 1 biscuit roll, 1 chocolate-covered marshmallow, 1 biscuit with bear.

Dimensions: 122 x 123 x 125 mm 

Material: Beech wood