Erzi Ice Cream Mini Milk in a Tin

IDR 120,000.00
Erzi Ice Cream Mini Milk in a Tin 11 11

Erzi Mini Milk Icecreams by the Streets Paddlepop brand is a favourite summertime snack for children, especially on those warm days down by the beach or even in the backyard after some sprinkler fun. So realistic and in 3 different flavours, how can one resist the temptation sneaking one out to eat when mum isn't looking!

The Mini Milk Icecreams are also perfect for placing in the Erzi Icecream Display Stand.

Contents: 3 wooden play items in a Unilever Heartbrand decorated tin.

Dimensions: 49 x 106 x 49 mm

Material: Beech wood

Made in Germany