Erzi Wok Assortment Party

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The Erzi Wok Assortment is a fun set that lets your child explore the Asian cuisine by cooking a delicious stir fry meal in a wok. This set includes a pair of tongs and two sets of chop sticks - perfect for practising fine motor skills and learning to use these utensils while having fun in the play kitchen. 

The Erzi Wok Assortment contains 31 wooden pieces:

1 wok, 2 small dishes, 4 chopsticks, 1 pair of grilling tongs, 1 bottle of soya sauce, 2 shrimps, 4 yellow chilli peppers, 4 red chilli peppers, 4 green chilli peppers, 2 slices of mushroom, 6 garden peas.

Dimensions: 122 x 123 x 125 mm 
Material: Beech wood