Flockmen - Full Set

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Flockmen - Full Set 4 4
Flockmen is perfect for complex construction projects, inspired by Montessori and based on Waldorf principles it is ideal to teach calendar, alphabet, advanced numeracy and much more. Also, this is ideal if you have several children.

We know Flockmen are stacked, tessellated, pushed over and often hit the ground, so we’ve designed our toys for maximum durability. We use strong Baltic Birch timber which is known for its ability to withstand wear-and-tear, and resistance to shock and splitting.

Flockmen are 100% natural - not treated with any chemicals. The toys are CE certified, which means they’ve been lab-tested to make sure there are no harmful chemicals. Please note that the exact colour of wood may vary due to the natural variations in the wood.

- Your set of 32 Flockmen await you: each wooden ‘man’ is 50mm wide, 70mm tall and 13mm thick. Each individual Flockman is designed to be impossible to swallow so it is safe to play with around babies. Please note that the exact colour and texture of wood may vary due to the natural variations in the wood.
- Portable storage bag: You’ll receive a practical and natural linen drawstring storage bag to keep your Flockmen safely stored when not in use.
- An inspiration card: with ideas and resources for how to challenge yourself with Flockmen.
- Care instructions: to ensure they continue to last.