Grunspecht Marble Tree - Small

IDR 995,000.00
Grunspecht Marble Tree - Small 2 2

The iconic and original musical Marble Tree. The trademarked Klangbaum® won the award for the Deutscher Designpreis Holzspielzeug in 2000 (the German toy industry's highest award for a wooden toy)

By releasing the marbles at the top of the tree, the marble skips from one leaf to the next. Each wooden leaf produces a different musical note, creating a magical chime. The sounds are soothing and the movement of the marbles mesmerising.

Includes 6 clear marbles

Height: 38cm

Age: 3+ (marbles are a choking hazard)

Made from Maple and Birch and non-toxic plant based dyes


The Grunspecht Marble Trees have been awarded the “spiel gut” seal by the Arbeitsausschuss “Kinderspiel und Spielzeug eV”, which is an independent association founded in 1954 in Germany and is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs.

“Spiel gut” literally means “Play well” and the toys with the seal have passed strict criteria for their “spiel gut” quality and value in various aspect.