Nailmatic Gift Box

IDR 25,000.00
Nailmatic Gift Box 48 48
Our candy box has been especially made for beauty treats (no tooth decay allowed).

Don’t bother choosing between the 4 designs, grab them all to mix & match our prankish characters. It’s a wrap!

Choose your favourite nailmatic treats and slip them in our Candy Box.

Cat, dog, girl or boy? Pink, blue, yellow or red? Time to start a collection to create up to 16 different playful characters.

Pile them up and mix them all!

Each box can contain 2 individual nailmatic products (for GIFTING)

Box size: 18 x 6 cm (7 x 2.3 inches)

Delivered flat, easy to pack

Recyclable Cardboard

Made in France with wit and humour.