Nailmatic Marshi Neon Lilac Pearl

IDR 185,000.00
Nailmatic Marshi Neon Lilac Pearl 11 11
Marshi comes straight out of a fairy tale! Not surprising since it is a brilliant combo: neon and pearlescent! No remover needed, lukewarm soapy water is plainly enough to take it off. Formulated with 54% water, vegan, cruelty free, made in France.

Marshi is a water-based pearlescent lilac nail polish.
Especially designed for children, it is easy to apply and washable (with soap and lukewarm water).

A top of the line formula: 54% water, vegan and cruelty free.

These nail polishes contain a preservative approved for organic use and registered in the COSMOS reference system: sodium benzoate.

It is a great ingredient that is found naturally in plums, apples and prunes.

Quick reminder: using a preservative in a water-based formula is mandatory.

Marshi does not stain. If the varnish spills on clothing or fabric, wash it off directly.

Dermatologically tested.

Made in France

Contents: 8ml