Raduga Grez Tea Set - Terra & Blue

IDR 960,000.00
Raduga Grez Tea Set - Terra & Blue 2 2

Time for TEA!

Being “like a mom” is very important - it develops consistent thinking, social and communication skills, helps to grow and develop. And mastering the concept of “pretend” is generally a giant leap in development, because it teaches a child to fantasize and think in metaphors. For all this, both girls and boys need simple role-playing games - for example, with our dishes.

The dish is ideal for playing tea, daughters and mothers, mastering various important social skills - for example, “pouring” tea for mom and bringing and watering all the dolls and bears.

The tea set contains: a kettle, sugar bowl, two sugar, two cups, two saucers and two spoons and a cotton bag for storage. 

The bag, by the way, teaches cleanliness and tidiness - after the game, ask the child to carefully put all the details into it.

Dimensions: 25×31×8 cm

Materials: natural linden wood, non-toxic water-based wood stain

Care: Use a damp cloth to wipe clean

Origin: Russia