Tinti Treasure Chest Package with 6 Parts

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Tinti Treasure Chest Package with 6 Parts 0 0

Lovely Tinti treasure chest filled with fun accessories for the bath. The set consists of two bath bombs in yellow and blue, two bags of bath confetti and two bags of crackling bath crystals.

The Tinti bath crystals just need to be poured into the water, and then they will start  to make fun, crackling sounds.

The bath confetti is also a good addition to the bath.

The confetti just needs to be poured in so you can play with it or watch it float around.

The yellow bath ball changes the colour of the water from yellow, to blue and finally to green. The blue bath ball makes the colour of the water blue, while also giving a scent of strawberries. When the blue ball is completely dissolved, a small figure also comes to the surface, which has been hidden inside the ball.

The set has the following good properties:

Does not colour the skin nor the bathtub

Dermatologically tested