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  • 📢 Paper plane toys at KiN SPACE! KiN (Kids Nusantara) blends education with imagination, offering a gateway to explore the wonders of Nusantara. 🌟 Come and explore together! and don’t forget to shop our products 🛍️✨For more info, check out 🌏📚✨
  • Hey Siri! Is it summer ☀️ or rain season 🌧️? Maybe both 🤔
  • Hanging on to the last bits of June 📆
  • 🎉✈️ HUGE SALE UP TO 75% OFF! 🎉✈️ Celebrate our upcoming 4th Birthday with amazing deals on Paper Plane Toys! 🛒 All brands, all items—grab your favorites now! 🚀 Check the post above for more info and stay tuned on our Instagram story for updates! ⏳ Don’t miss out, the sale lasts for only 3 days!
  • Maileg is all set to whisk you away to a world of fun and relaxation💕
  • 🏖️ Beach day, Maileg way! Let’s sunbathe and play🐭🌞

  • Bringing the steamy vibes with sunshine and raindrops🌞🌦️
  • Random pics this march 📸



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